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The first mental hospital in the state was started during the same period.

In 1745, he shifted the capital of Travancore from Padmanabhapuramto Trivandrum.Thiruvananthapuram is also known in literature and popular reference as Ananthapuri derived from the Sanskrit word Syanandurapuram, meaning "The City of Bliss" in Carnatic kirtanas composed by Swathi Thirunal, erstwhile Maharaja of Travancore.Painting by Raja Ravi Varma depicting Richard Temple-Grenville, 3rd Duke of Buckingham and Chandos being greeted by Visakham Thirunal, with Ayilyam Thirunal of Travancore looking on, during Buckingham's visit to Trivandrum, Travancore in early 1880.And visit Cherai Beach and other points of interest with ease during your stay.We can't wait to make you feel at home at the Kochi Marriott Hotel.

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