Is seal dating anyone backdating on

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Is seal dating anyone

2007 marked a return to the studio for the singer, who released his fifth album System in November.

When Heidi Klum and Seal got married in Mexico in 2005, no one really expected the celebrity marriage to last.

The second album, Seal, sold four million copies in the US alone and earned him three Grammys.

The amicable exes are rarely seen together at their kids’ soccer games, as Heidi usually brings along which ever person she is dating at the time.

This is reportedly the first time Seal and Heidi have attended a game together in a very, very long time, the supermodel usually brings whoever she is dating at the time with her.

In the photos Heidi, Seal and the kids appear to be a picture perfect family.

In his personal life, Seal started dating supermodel Heidi Klum not long after she split from Flavio Briatore in 2003 while pregnant with the Formula One boss's child.

The two have been together ever since, with the singer stepping into the role of father to little Leni.

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The former couple seemed to be getting along very well and the kids were happy daddy was there, taking turns to sit on his lap.