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It had to be written especially for men, and men, as you well know, are visual.After interviewing a few of the 46, I told my single girlfriends about my new hobby.I'd heard it said that the older you are, the harder it is to start over, and the fewer the decent, eligible men there are. I was starting to feel like an overripe piece of fruit on a tree, about to rot. Eventually I got sick of throwing myself pity parties; I had to try something. We'd save the world and love each other, maybe even start a family. I invented an email address for myself and posted my ad: LOOKING FOR A HUMANITARIAN. I'm looking for some one who "gets it" — you know, someone who loves to do all he can to make the world a better place, wherever he is. I see myself as empowering and helping such an individual on their path to heal the world with positive energy and possible romance. We can keep each other going — keep each other idealistic and focused on what matters most. In the days that followed, emails began dripping into my inbox.One day it could be talking with a troubled teenager, the next it could be helping to bring clean water to an impoverished community. I chatted online with a few, but quickly learned to ask for their photo upfront.They weren't exactly my flavor of ice cream, but they'll be great for someone. Right, but at least I'm not sitting home feeling like a decomposing apple. Remember that many of the responders copy and paste one slightly vague response to a large number of ads.7.

In writing the "tall, blonde" advertisement, I had finally realized what I should have known all along: The headline needed to draw guys in.“In fact, I generally can get tons more replies on Craigslist without even posting a photo if I just write a unique and appealing ad as opposed to the typical cookie cutter template of many dating sites, where everyone looks alike.” The most important aspect of staying safe, May Jo says, is to never let your guard down.“Being smart about things is absolutely important, she says. And when selling or buying something off Craigslist, always have an extra support buddy with you as back up for anyone weird showing up.” Scott Bernstein, CEO of Falcon Investigations, a private investigation company, completely disagrees with Mary Jo.I had a kind and true gentleman offer to be my handyman whenever I needed one, and I've never even kissed him. Create an "unstalkable" email address that does not have your real name or workplace.5.I still believe there are quite a few good catches out there, and, actually, I dated a few of them. Check to see if your responders meet the requirements of your wish-list.6.

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Are you kind, somewhat handsome, healthy but not health-obsessed, not a user or a hater?

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  1. When a child can date Giving a child the privilege of spending time with a member of the opposite sex is a freedom that is based upon our judgment of how responsible we deem this child to be. Is he strong enough to withstand peer pressure in a boy-girl situation?