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The text was discovered by a local farmer in 1881 from Taxila in Peshawar.

It's been housed by the University of Oxford's Bodleian Library since 1902.

Incidentally, after his Oct 16 visit to Gujarat, Prime Minister Narendra Modi plans yet another Gujarat trip, on October 22, to inaugurate what he's referred to as his dream project, the Gujarat's BJP chief minister Vijay Rupani responded to Chidambaram's tweet saying the Congress is "scared" of the election outcome.

"I think Chidambaram and the entire Congress are scared of the upcoming Gujarat elections," said Rupani to ANI.

Now, the manuscript has been carbon dated -and this has immediately upturned commonly held beliefs.

It was originally thought that the manuscript was from the 9th century, but the dating methods revealed that the oldest pages are from somewhere between 224 AD and 383 AD.

Bhat uploaded the profile of his estranged wife on matrimonial and dating sites to intentionally hurt and humiliate her.

BENGALURU: A senior software engineer with a private firm was arrested on Thursday for allegedly uploading his estranged wife's profile and mobile phone number on matrimonial and online dating websites.

"Portraying the Hailey Baldwin for Model Co products in full blown model mode was incredibly important to me.

The EC's rationale was that it was trying to ensure that Gujarat didn't have an unusually long period under the model code of conduct.

That was to enable it to finish relief work following July's floods, said the EC.

"The whole of modern technology is built on the idea of something and nothing," he says.

​Cybercrime police attached to the Central Crime Branch arrested Harsha vardhan Bhat, 31, a senior software engineer.

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