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Finally, when the support is removed, the excess loads will act directly upon the joint slab-lintel system.

The budget for this phase ascends to slightly over €120 million.

On this wall, which is 2.0m wide, a total of seven polygonal arch openings will be made, which will communicate both sides of platform 7.

The extension of the lobby along with the new equipment and services entails the need to reinforce the existing columns between lobby and platform levels.

Hugo Corres was awarded the Medal of Professional Merit “For having clearly stood out in the fulfilment of his professional activities”.

The arrival of the high speed train to Barcelona demanded a necessary transformation of the Central Station in Sants.

It is made of four grid slabs which are supported upon isolated columns and vertical retaining elements on the perimeters.

On the Mountain and L’Hospitalet sides of the car park these are retaining walls, whilst on the seaward and Barcelona sides they are reinforced concrete diaphragm walls.

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The most relevant areas in the second phase are: the creation of openings in the slabs in the lobby to place communication shafts and wells, reinforcement of columns between the lobby and the platforms and finally the configuration of the termini for the new exploitation of the station.

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