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Types of dating methods in archaeology

There is increasing evidence for use of ground stone for processing plants during this period, blurring its relation to what some archaeologists call the archaic.

Archaic represents an economic pattern of post-megafauna broad spectrum plant and animal gathering and hunting.

Plant processing is much more in evidence, suggesting a shift towards more balanced economic systems.

The generic period of occupation spans 7,000 - 4,000 years ago.

Presumably you came here to learn about Oregon's past, right?

Populations have grown and in turn, the cultures of Oregon's inhabitants have changed.The artifacts and features tell a story about the resources that were valued, methods of resource extraction (productive technology), methods of resource distribution, methods of resource storage (investment), and methods of resource consumption.Faunal and floral remains as well as features give information on the seasons of occupation as well as resource values and changing resource use through time and across space.Oregon is where the the NW Coast, Columbia Plateau, Inter-Mountain, Great Basin, and California chaparral ecologies and cultures merge.The people who lived here over the last 14,300 years have developed technologies to adapt themselves to the demands of these varied ecological zones with their abundant natural resources.

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Human land/resource use has changed as adaptive strategies have coped with changing demands.

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