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In video footage, which has become an internet hit, the man can be seen running after his labrador repeatedly shouting what viewers thought sounded like "Benton! The owner's efforts, meanwhile are in vain as the herd charges through Richmond Park, south–west London, and across a busy road, forcing cars to stop.

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But Mr Goodyear denied speculation that the video was a pre-prepared stunt. Richmond Park is the largest of London's Royal parks and is famed for its red and fallow deer, which are allowed to roam freely within much of the site.

On Tuesday dog owners in Richmond Park were divided about feeling sympathy for the owner.

But the owner, who has not been identified, could face prosecution for the incident.

A spokesman for The Royal Parks said dog walkers must keep their pets under strict control “or risk prosecution”.

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Walkers say most dog owners are careful to abide by the very strict laws about disturbing the deer.

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