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Skype sex list

He has various training to include Clinical Sexology, Spiritual Counseling and Toxicology.

He also offers sex education, spiritual counseling and somatic sex coaching to men, woman and couples in a nonjudgmental boundary established setting.

I am so proud to be a certified member of this group of incredibly devoted, caring practitioners.

This training has enhanced my 40 years of teaching in sexology.

I’ve traveled around the world to learn everything about sex, and here I discovered a new level that not only expanded my knowledge, it also shaped my own transformation.

I experienced a kind of unparalleled physical, emotional and spiritual awareness of myself that I’d never felt before and had not found anywhere else. I would love to share all this…call or email and see…

I am a woman dedicated to supporting others on their journey to embrace self and wholeness and celebrate their own unique sexual nature.

Specialising in working with ones Core Erotic Patterning and deepening relationship with self and others.

I desire to assist individuals, couples, and groups to become more embodied and find their most authentic erotic selves.In addition to being a Certified Sexological Bodyworker, they also hold a Master's degree in Sacred Erotic Psychology.Through empathy, witnessing, ritual, touch, breath, embodiment practices, boundary and consent education, trauma release, and soulwork they encourage their clients toward a wholehearted, erotic way of being.I specialize in working with those new to sex and relationship coaching, those struggling with sexual shame and shutdown, and those recovering from sexual wounding, abuse, and trauma.Tai provides heart-centered, trauma-informed coaching, bodywork, and education for adults of all genders, sizes, relationship statuses, and sexualities who are struggling with identity, intimacy, or connection and who long to be seen.

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I use embodied counseling to teach men and women to come deeper into their bodies, sensations and emotions.

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